Monday, March 15, 2010

Just Moved!

A year has gone by, and I’m taking down now my old posts from this site, except this one. Links will break, but links ain’t hearts. Besides, all these posts are alive & well over at, with their original publishing date, title, and comments posted on this site. They should be easy enough to find, with one or two remembered keywords, via Google or the integrated Wordpress search.

See you there :-)


MARCH 15, 2009
For about two months now, my new blog between drafts has been online, but it took me a while to write enough fresh entries until I felt reasonably comfortable about asking my RSS and blogspot subscribers to switch to my new feed:

between drafts ties together all my previous blogs into one integrated, personal blog (in addition to Werbeblogger and Wavetank).

All entries from this blog including comments have been moved to between drafts. Over there, the original entries were split: everything related to writing techniques remained in the category “collateral tales,” while the more politically/philosophically flavored entries moved to the category “creed of reason.”

There is a menu entry named “Manual” where you can find a category overview for between drafts with descriptions and separate feeds. A tag overview is also provided.

I know, switching feeds is a nuisance. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to see y’all over at between drafts!

Goodbye & see you again,